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    Synthetic mica plate is a kind of insulation material with stable high temperature resistivity and good electrical  resistance(500℃-1370℃).Under high temperature conditions,it is propping.It is used in electrical components of different household appliances and heat components of industry.Such as electric insulation,High-temperature plate,Drying furnace.

Technical Deta:

Item Unit symbols Index
for commutator mica plate
Mica content≥ % 90
Density≥ g/cm3 2.3
Anti exudative   Test under the specified temperature,we can see the glue
Elastic compressio≤ % 4
Styling deformation≤ % 5
Up layer rate≤ % There is no provisions if it is more than 2mm
Dielectric strength≥ KV/mm 25
for electrothermal equipment mica plate
Adhesive content≤ % 10
Density g/cm3 1.9-2.4
Up layer rate≤ %  
normal after boiled
Kgf/mm2 18 10
Dielectric strength≥ KV/mm 27
Heating loss≤ % 1(There is no provisions if it is more than 1 mm)
Smokiness≤ S 5
Water absorption≤ % 2(Constant soft,not expansion,stratification)


Regular thickness:0.2mm-100mm

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