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        The synthetic mica flake is also called synthetic fluorophlogopite mica flake. It is made from the raw chemicals through highheating fuses,cooling and crystallizing.The functions of the synthetic mica flake is superior to the natural mica, for example,high temperature resistivity can reach above 1300°C.Under high temperature conditions,the synthetic fluorophlogopite mica's electric volume resistivity is 1000 times higher than the natural mica. It has a lot of advantages,for example,electrical insulation is excellent,high-temperature gas releasing under the vacuum condition is highly effective, besides,it has the following characteristics well alkali-resistant,transparent,elastic, which can be layered detachment. It is also the most important non-metallic insulation materials in electrical,electronics,aviation and other important modern industries.
Qunlity Indexes:
        The synthetic fluorophlogopite mica flake is a kind of white(or yellowish) transparent crystal strip.The impurity content is 1%.It is composed of transparent crystal strip(allow fluctuation士1%)。

Chemical composition SiO2 Al2O3 MgO F k2O S .P Total
Content(%) 38-42 10-14 24-29 7-12 9-14 ≤0.06 100

Technical indexes:

Item Unit Standards
Density g/cm3 2.78-2.85
Volume resistivity Ω.cm 4*1015
Surface resistivity Ω 3*1013
Dielectric strength MV/m -180
Dielectric constant (ε) -6
Dielectric loss (tg δ) 3*10-4
Melting point °C 1500±50
Max using emperature °C ≤1300


    There are+4or-4mesh,or it can specially process the products according to the customers’needs.
    Net weight:40 kg/bag,1000kg/bag,woven with plastic film inside.

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